Work Packages (WPs)

WP1 – Project management

The goal of this Work Package is to ensure a well-coordinated project governance and management with respect of the contractual commitments, through:

  • Overall Consortium management;
  • Organising the governance of the project;
  • Providing administrative oversight and support to all other WPs.

WP2 – Mapping and analysing priorities, common themes and gaps in research on good models of care provision in Europe

This Work Package will synthesise relevant information from roadmaps, strategy documents and the views of policy makers, national funding organisations, and other stakeholders.

  • Developing a conceptual framework for mapping and analysing health services and systems research agendas;
  • Identifying current and upcoming priorities in the organisation of care of policy makers, funding bodies and other stakeholders;
  • Cross-check mapping through online stakeholder consultations.

WP3 – Analytical framework and knowledge synthesis on the identification, transferability and scaling up of good models of care

This Work Package will deliver the conceptual and methodological frameworks and the knowledge-base to be used in the proposed ERA-NET.

  • Defining models of care worth transferring or up-scaling;
  • Understanding determinants of successes and failures in transferring and up-scaling of models of care and developing a conceptual framework guiding comparative research and assessment;
  • Developing Case studies illustrating the best practices definition and analytical dimension.

WP4 – Sustainability, international cooperation and links with existing health-related initiatives

This Work Package will focus on strengthening the network of partners and establishing a dialogue with other ongoing, or to be developed, health service-related initiatives, while also preparing for the possibility of a joint research programme by setting up the necessary support infrastructure.

  • Actions for enlarging the network of funding organisations in Europe and beyond;
  • Cooperation with other European and international health-related sister initiatives with concurrent activities;
  • Sustainability of Long term cooperation framework concept regarding RTD on public systems of Public Health and health care services. Financial, operational and administrative scenario models;
  • Preparing the implementation of a pilot ERA-NET call operational infrastructure by developing a feasibility plan for a pilot ERA-NET call.

WP5 – Develop a Strategic Research Agenda

Developing the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) is the core element of TO-REACH.

  • External validation of preliminary TO-REACH findings through targeted events and dialogues;
  • Collecting inputs and sketching the outlines and contents of a Strategic Research Agenda;
  • SRA Launch event including potential declaration of funding bodies.

WP6 – Dissemination and Communication

WP6 on dissemination and communication will create the tools and framework to raise awareness about the project activities, engage stakeholders.

  • Raising awareness and inform stakeholders and wider community about the aims of the CSA, its progress and outcomes;
  • Sharing information with stakeholders and wider community;
  • Engaging and mobilize stakeholders and wider community to become active members of the CSA network.