Check out the policy briefs developed by the TO-REACH project

20 May 2021

The TO-REACH project addressed what the key priority areas are where European health systems can learn from each other and how we can improve their ability to do so.
One core activity of the project was the publication of two policy briefs addressed to policy-makers and health system managers. The briefs were designed to provide policy makers with evidence on a policy question or priority to support evidence-informed policy-making.

Policy Brief 40: How can we transfer service and policy innovations between health systems?

This brief is one of a pair of policy briefs and looks at the how – that is, how health systems can learn from each other. It also looks at what determines success and failure in the transfer of service and policy innovations and in scaleup.

Policy Brief 41: What are the key priority areas where European health systems can learn from each other?

This second brief identifies the what – that is, what health system challenges are the highest priorities.

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