Shape the European research programme on health systems with the TO-REACH online consultation

19 April 2018

What will health services look like in the future? How will the health system of the future work? Will every service be personalised? Will everyone be able to afford it? Will we be able to navigate through a complex health system?

The future of health will be influenced strongly by the results of research, leading to innovation and improvements. A joint European research programme on health systems, which we are developing within the To-Reach consortium, will thus have an impact on how efficiently we are able to improve health and decrease the burden of disease. The research done through such a programme will potentially have an impact on many of us, more or less professionally tied to the health sector. Most importantly, such research will have a significant impact on patients and citizens in general.

Considering the broad impact of a future research agenda, it is important to give an opportunity to all stakeholders to contribute to its creation. The project is taking advantage of a number of approaches to involve stakeholders, one of them is also to carry out an open on line survey.

The survey is open to anyone and is anonymous. Responders are not expected to act as representatives of an institution or a country, but rather to provide their own opinions.

The online consultation is an opportunity to reassert some of the known challenges that we need to tackle through research, but also to have a fresh look at anticipated challenges and questions that we should investigate today, to be better prepared tomorrow. Some of these challenges are specific to individual countries, but many are common through different health systems. Tackling such challenges together, as a European or international research community, promotes the efficient use of resources, by reducing duplications of research and supporting synergies between different research groups. It also increases the validity of findings that can be tested across different health system settings.

In order to exploit fully the benefits of setting a common research programme, it is essential that all the stakeholders be engaged, in order to shape a common understanding of research priorities. This is why each contribution to the on-line survey counts.

Visit now our dedicated consultation page and provide your input!

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  1. Johanna says:

    I think it would be very important to research possibilities of occupational therapy to help people in very different areas. Like patient with TIB, psychiatric problems ect. It would be important to get information about the effectivity of occupational therapy and that needs researches. Also it would be important to make treatment and rehabilitation guidelines to all patient groups in the country. Same healtcare poddibility to everyone,not depending where you live. More centralised operations. More worldwide guidelines too.

  2. Paula Tuomi says:

    Future interventions and ways to support for persons with dementia and their families

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